Polar Wood Burner 6.4kW Blist Stove ECO Design 2022

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The unique design of the Polar oven combines a modern look and excellent performance, a stove that fits equally well in both modern and traditional environments. In addition to the internal wood storage chamber, internal ash drawer, the firebox is lined with vermiculite and with a system of partitions for optimal flue gas flow, what distinguishes Polar is the large fireproof ceramic glass, which remains clean due to the secondary air used to clean the glass. that you can indulge in a clear view of the flames, which gives a pleasant relaxing atmosphere to your home. The furnace has regulators of primary and secondary air, as well as a supply of tertiary air, by means of which the intensity of combustion is precisely adjusted. This air regulation achieves ideal combustion and a high degree of efficiency and fuel efficiency.


Product Details

SKUPolar Wood Burner
ItemPolar Wood Burner 6.4kW Blist Stove
Rated Power:6.4 kW
Energy Rating:A
CO (at 13% O2):0.28.16
Mean Flue Temp:278°C
DIN Plus dust (at 13% O2):15 Nmg/m3
Mean CnHm (at 13% O2):45.37 Nmg/m3
Mean NOx (at 13% O2):103.81 Nmg/m3
Distance to Combustibles:Side: 400mm, Back: 500mm


Product Dimensions


outlet Ø 150mm